Google Chrome Extensions

It's obviouse that most advance and popular Internet browser is Google Chrome. Due to this popularity, Parnia IT Group decided to create some useful extensions for this web browser as a minor activity. We will put our extensions in this page and you can download them directly from here. If you find them useful, please suggest your friends to visit our website and use these extensions. Also if you have any idea about our available extensions, please let us know them. Hope you enjoy our extensions.

  • Trello For Iranians (Persians)  Trello For Iranians (Latest version 1.2)
    Trello is one of most well known websites to manage tasks and activities in teamworks. We tried to make it comfortable with Persian (Farsi) characters and writing rules for Iranians by changing used fonts, sizes, directions, etc. You only need to download Trello For Iranians Chrome Extension and install it on your Google Chrome browser. (If you have any problem on installing Chrome extensions, please see this guide). After installation, you can see applied changes whenever you open, its boards, cards, etc.